St Vincent de Paul's Shopping Mall - Payson, AZ
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Have you ever considered volunteering at SVdP. We are The Society of "Where There is a Will There are a Million Ways." A few of our volunteers have shared their thoughts and offer a few personal experiences about working at the SVdP Shopping Mall, and are shown below. From the top to the bottom, we are a 100% volunteer group of individuals who do what we do, to help those truly in need.

The following list shows volunteer oportunities for you to consider when sharing your talents at SVdP:
  • Sorting incoming donations
  • Cleaning or repairing merchandise
  • Testing electronics
  • Sorting/grouping books
  • Vacuuming and dusting
  • Ironing/washing
  • Making pickups and deliveries
  • Arranging merchandise/clothes
  • Pricing merchandise/clothes
  • Handiman
  • Cashier
  • Appliance repair
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About a year and a half ago, around October, my wife told me she was going to attend an informational meeting about opening a thrift store that would raise money to help support the SVdP/Rim Country Food Bank. I told her I didn't want to go. As a rule, I don't like thrift stores. I consider them smelly and dirty, I don't like going into them, and I certainly didn't want to work in one. She went to the meeting and I stayed home. When she got home she said guess what, we're working at the thrift store and I'm the manager. On March 1, 2013 we opened our doors for business. I ran the cash register and took care of the technical needs of the operation like setting up the phone, the email account, Facebook, planning this website and filling in wherever I was needed. I also drove the truck picking up and delivering large donations and large purchases. Since then I've had many different duties such as vacuuming, washing dirty clothes (when they are donated dirty) taking pictures of the store and our volunteers. Since opening the store, I've met a lot of nice people who likewise became volunteers. I've seen a few volunteers leave for various reasons and a lot of good people stay. If someone were to ask me why I continue to volunteer here, I would respond with the following. First and foremost, because we raise money to help feed people in Rim Country who are hungry or who need a helping hand-up to get on their feet. Second, because the other volunteers whom I work with are really really nice people. Since volunteering at the thrift store I've experienced very little to drama or power struggles between the staff that typically occurs in other work environments. Third, this place is more like a boutique than a regular thrift store. It is quite a showcase of merchandise.
Sharon & Greg
My husband and I have been volunteers at St Vincent de Paul Thrift Store for about a year. Having traveled full time in our RV for several years we decided to settle in Payson. Since our church is located in Florida, we were looking for a place to volunteer when we stumbled upon the store in early April, 2013. Everyone was so friendly and the stores so nice we asked for volunteer applications. Greg drives the delivery/pick-up truck on the days we work and I run the cash register. We love the people we work with and enjoy meeting the customers who come into the store. It is great fun having a part in this excellent ministry!
Volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul Shopping Mall is a win-win for me. I win because of the great people who are involved in the work at the Store. And those in need in Rim Country win because our all-volunteer team keeps costs low so the support we generate for the St. Vincent de Paul Rim Country food bank is maximized.
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